British Berkefeld Gravedad 8.5L + Accesorios

 398,99 inc. IVA

  • El paquete incluye; Filtro de agua de 8,5 l, soporte, grifo con mirilla y uno o dos juegos de elementos filtrantes
  • Capacidad de almacenamiento de agua de 8,5 litros
  • El filtro de agua por gravedad está hecho en Gran Bretaña por Doulton Water Filters
  • Hecho de acero inoxidable pulido de alto grado
  • Filtra hasta 4 litros por hora*
  • Dos años de garantía

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British Berkefeld Gravity Water Filter 8.5L + Accessoires

The British Berkefeld 8.5L Gravity with accessories is the complete kit by Filtro Água. It comes as a kit at a reduced price and therefore you don’t require any other accessoires to complement your water filter. This waterfilter is made from stainless steel and consists of two containers. The upper chamber of the filter is filled with untreated water. Gravity forces untreated water through the filters into the lower chamber. At last, your water is ready to drink! This system is perfect for countertop use and suits every kitchen due to its polished stainless steel housing. No prior knowledge or electricity is required to operate this waterfilter. It is therefore a stand-alone system and requires little maintenance. Check below for more information about this high-quality system. You may also view our documents at the bottom of the page for more detailed information!

So what does it filter?

The ATC Super Sterasyl reduce the following elements;

  • Turbidity: >98%
  • Bacteria (including E.coli, cholera, Shigella, typhoid, Klebsiella Terrigena): >99.99%
  • Cysts (including Cryptosporidium, Giardia): >99.99%
  • Range of pesticides: >95%
  • Medicines: >99.5%
  • Lindane: >99%
  • Atrazine: 99.38%
  • Benzene: >99%
  • Chlorine: >99%
  • Microplastics: 99%
  • Nanoplastics: 99% from a size of 0.5 microns (500 nanometers)
  • Heavy metals
    • Lead reduction pH 6.5: average 99.5%
    • Lead reduction pH 8.5: average 99.5%
    • Range of metals pH 6.5: 81.5%
    • Range of metals pH 8.5: 81%
  • Reduces PFAS/PFOS

Specific information about the British Berkefeld Gravity 8.5L:

  • Height without Support; 49 cm
  • Height with Support; 65 cm
  • Width; 26 cm

General Information about the British Berkefeld Gravity 8.5L:

  • Compatible filter elements;
    • Sterasyl
    • Super Sterasyl
    • ATC Super Sterasyl (One set included as standard)
    • Ultra Fluoride
  • It is recommended to replace the filters every six months or after 1500 liters. You may buy seperate filter elements in our filter elements section.
  • Maximum amount of filter elements; 4
  • Filters 1.7-2 liters of water per hour

British Berkefeld

Removes Viruses


Adequada para

Encimera, Portátil, Senderismo/Campamento

Medios de filtración


Tipo de filtración


Tamaño de poros (micras)


Removes Chemicals

Removes Fluoride


Removes Heavy Metals

Removes Limescale


Removes Microplastics

Requires Electricity


Removes Chlorine

Filtration Capacity (Liters)


Seleccione la cantidad de filtros

2 filtros (un juego), 4 filtros (dos juegos)