Phoenix POSTreat Fluoride Reduction Cartridge

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The Phoenix POSTreat Fluoride Reduction Cartridges come as a pair and are refillable. These filters remove >95%* of natural Fluoride from your drinking water. They are made of 304-grade stainless steel and are filled with activated-alumina pouches. The filter element is attached onto the nozzle of the carbon filter which is located in the upper-chamber of your Phoenix Gravity water filter system. Water is forced, via the nozzle, into the fluoride reduction cartridge and passes through the activated-alumina media. A pair of these filters have a lifespan of 4.000 liters (+/- 6 months). When requiring replacement, open the filter element and dispose of the old media en simply fill it up with new ones (sold seperately).

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Phoenix POSTreat Fluoride Reduction Cartridge

Fluoride is a highly toxic substance that might be present in your drinking water and could cause damage to your health. As Fluoride may occur as a dissolved solid in your drinking water, it is difficult to remove. Absorption is one of the best ways to remove fluoride from water. There are several methods, but our Phoenix POSTreat Fluoride Reduction Cartridge use active alumina to effectively remove fluoride from water. The porous material present in activated alumina absorbs dissolved solids such as fluorine. Our fluoride reduction cartridges are made of high quality stainless steel, unlike other brands which are made up of plastics. Therefore, our cartridges do not release toxic chemicals into your drinking water. With a pair of Phoenix POSTreat Fluoride Reduction Cartridges, get your water fluoride-free for up to 6 months for a family of four. We recommend changing these every 4.000 litres.

How do I install the POSTreat Fluoride elements?

Don’t worry! Installation is very easy. When you receive these filters remove them from their carrying pouch and follow these steps (also visible on the instruction-image above);

  1. Place the washer on the inlet hole of the POSTreat element.
  2. Prime for four minutes. Let the water pass through the filter and make sure to prime until the water, coming out of the filter, is clear.
  3. Proceed to attache the filter onto the nozzle of the black filter element. Rotate Clockwise and don’t overtighten!
  4. Repeat the same steps for the other filter cartridge.
  5. Place the upper chamber back onto the lower chamber
  6. Job done!

How do I replace the POSTreat Fluoride elements?

We recommend to replace these after 4.000 liters and/or 6 months of usage.

When it’s time to replace these.

  • Simply open them by hand (unscrew by hand the top part) and dispose of the pouches inside.
  • Refill with new pouches (distribute evenly) and screw the top part back onto it.
  • Prime the filter (as instructed in the previous paragraph).
  • Install the filter element back onto the nozzle of the black filter element.
  • Job done!
POSTreat Fluoride Filter Pouches
POSTreat Fluoride Filter Pouches

Active Alumina Pouches

The POSTreat filter elements are filled with active alumina pouches. The pouches contain active alumina granules. Don’t worry if one of the pouches breaks! The outlets of the stainless steel filter casing are lined with a fine mesh. This way, none of the granules can end up in your filtered drinking water!

Is active alumina safe for my health?

In short, yes! How do we get to this answer? First of all, active alumina is not the same as aluminum. Activated alumina is an inert natural resin and in no way harmful and does not add aluminum to your drinking water.

Active Alumina works by adsorption and will therefore adsorp fluoride, arsenic and selenium. It is therefore important that the following two steps are always adhered to;

  1. Always prime or backwash the filter element before installing it. This ensures the activated alumina is washed from any impurities.
  2. Make sure to adhere to the replacement intervals. The filter has a pre-set adsorption surface. Once its capacity is exceed it will no longer filter impurities.

General information

  • The Postreat uses a 6.35mm threaded inlet and could fit other brands that use the same size filter-nozzle.
  • *This product cannot be used on its own. This is an add-on for the Phoenix Gravity water filter system.
  • *At Fluoride concentration of 2ppm in the source water.

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  • 2 x Phoenix POSTreat Fluoride Reduction Cartridge
  • Carrying Pouches
  • Installation Instructions

Fluoride Reduction Test Result

Phoenix POSTreat Features Sheet

Weight1 kg


Filtration Capacity (Liters)


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