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LifeSaver Liberty – Orange

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  • Made in Britain
  • worlds’ first and only portable bottle water purifier with an inline pump
  • Removes viruses, bacteria, cysts and chemicals
  • Bottle capacity of 400ml
  • Filters up to 2000 liters
  • 2 years warranty

Out of stock

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LifeSaver Liberty – Orange

The LifeSaver Liberty – Orange is a portable bottle waterfilter including an inline pump. This bottle is ideal for hikers, travellers, backpackers or anyone who needs a reliable source of drinking water. Check this independent review of this product.

What is in the Box?

  • LifeSaver Liberty (including the Ultra Filtration filter element)
  • Activated Carbon Filter (filters up to 100 litres, can be replaced)
  • 152 cm hose for the inline pump
  • Manual (English/Portuguese)

General Information about the LifeSaver Liberty

  • The Ultra Filtration filter element filters up to 2000 liters of water before needing replacement (can be easily replaced)
  • The Activated Carbon filters (filters up to 100 liters and is replaceable) will improve the taste, odour and removes chlorine
  • The filter can be operated without the Activated Carbon filters
  • The Liberty removes:
    • Virus – 99.999%
    • Bacteria – 99.9999%
    • Cysts – 99.99%
  • This water filter is equiped with FailSafe technology not allowing water to pass the filter once it requires replacement
  • The LifeSaver Liberty is made of BPA and BPS-free material
  • The outer casing is deisgned with a transparent window to see the water level


  • Length: 8 cm
  • Width: 8 cm
  • Height: 25,4 cm
  • Weight: 425 gr
Additional documentation:
  • See the manual in English here
  • See the maintenance manual in English here
  • View filter test results here


Removes Viruses


Suitable for

Emergency, Hiking/Camping, Portable

Filtration Media

Carbon, Membrane

Filtration Type


Pore Size (Micron)


Removes Chemicals


Removes Fluoride


Removes Heavy Metals


Removes Limescale


Removes Microplastics


Requires Electricity


Removes Chlorine


Filtration Capacity (Liters)


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