Doulton HCS Countertop Waterfilter

 279,00 inc. IVA

  • High quality stainless steel countertop water filter
  • Comes standard with one Doulton Ultracarb filter element
  • Filters up to 2250 liters of water & recommended to replace the cartridge after 6 months
  • Easy 2-minute installation on your existing kitchen faucet

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The Doulton HCS Countertop Waterfilter is a quality Stainless Steel Countertop Water Filter created to provide maximum durability. It’s made from stainless steel and fitted with a chromium plated brass base. Therefore, your ceramic filter receives the ultimate level of protection. This HCS countertop water filter comes as standard with the Ultracarb filter element. However, it can also be equipped with the Ultracarb SI filter element. This system supplies approximately 200-300 liters of pure water per hour (depending on water pressure). The NSF Certified Ultracarb ceramic shell is fitted with an activated carbon block insert containing lead removal media. Some benefits of the Ultracarb ceramic filter include: Filtration of particles, bacteria, cysts, chlorine, organics and lead removal capabilities.

All countertop systems connect to an existing tap and are designed to be placed next to a sink on a kitchen counter or a work surface.  Any kitchen, anywhere! It is extremely easy to install and uninstall and no need for permanent installation.  Perfect for those in rented accomodation or anyone who is frequently on the move but desires the benefits of clean, tasty filtered drinking water.

Easy to install

You remove the strainer from your tap and tighten the HCS connector. With the diverter valve you can choose the water to come from the tap, or from the HCS waterfilter. Check the “Installation & Documents” tab above for a more detailed video and/or documentation.

What else does the Doulton HCS Countertop Waterfilter?

  • Turbidity reduction: >98%
  • Pathogenic Organisms
    • Bacteria (including E.coli, cholera, Shigella, typhoid, Klebsiella Terrigena): >99.99%
    • Cysts (including Cryptosporidium, Giardia): >99.99%
  • Range of pesticides:
    • Insecticides: >85%
    • Herbicides: >85%
    • Phenols: >50%
    • Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons: >95%
    • Trihalomethanes: >50%
  • Chlorine: >94,2%
  • Heavy metals
    • Lead reduction pH 6.5: average 97.3%
    • Lead reduction pH 8.5: average 99.5%
  • Reduces PFAS/PFOS
  • Improves the overal taste & odor of your drinking water

View this document for filter performance

Which filter cartridges are compatible with the Doulton HCS Countertop Waterfilter?

The difference between the Ultracarb & Ultracarb SI is that the SI-cartridge has a slow-release scale inhibitor. Therefore, the SI-cartridge reduces limescale in your drinking water.

  • HCS filter housing to connect to the existing tap
  • Tubing and Diverter Valve to fit to tap
  • Ultracarb ceramic filter candle for removal of >99.99% of contaminants
  • Quick-Start Instructions

Installation Instructions

Filter Performance Table

Ultracarb Test Results

PFAS/PFOS Test Results

Watch this video for installation instructions

View this document for installation instructions

Ceramic Filter Element Installation Instructions

Follow these instructions to correctly install the Doulton Ultracarb SI filter element;

Wash your hands before you touch the filter element

• Place the rubber O ring over the threaded mount
• Screw the candle into the housing, ensuring that a seal is made with the O ring. Do not over tighten
• Open the isolation valve/tap to allow water to flow through the filter to waste for 10 minutes
• Allow the filter to stand unused for 24 hours
• Open the tap again for 10 minutes and allow water to run to waste. The filter is now ready for use

Watch this video on how to clean your Doulton Ultracarb filter element.

Weight 2 kg


Filtration Capacity (Liters)


Filtration Media

Carbon, Ceramic

Filtration Type


Pore Size (Micron)


Removes Chlorine


Removes Heavy Metals


Removes Limescale


Removes lead


Removes Parasites


Removes Turbidity


Requires Electricity


Suitable for


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