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British Berkefeld Gravity 6L

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  • One set of ATC Super Sterasyl filters included
  • 6 liter water storage capacity
  • Made in Britain by Doulton
  • Made of high grade polished stainless steel
  • Two years warranty

In stock

British Berkefeld Gravity 6L

The British Berkefeld Gravity 6L is the smallest countertop waterfilter by British Berkefeld. It comes with two ceramic filter elements for the reduction of common contaminants and chlorine. This waterfilter is made from stainless steel and consists of two containers. The upper chamber of the filter is filled with untreated water. Gravity forces untreated water through the filters into the lower chamber. At last, your water is ready to drink! This system is perfect for countertop use and suits every kitchen due to its polished stainless steel housing. No prior knowledge or electricity is required to operate this waterfilter. It is therefore a stand-alone system and requires little maintenance. Check below for more information about this high-quality system. You may also view our documents at the bottom of the page for more detailed information!


So what does it filter?

The ATC Super Sterasyl reduce the following elements;

  • Turbidity: >98%
  • Bacteria (including E.coli, cholera, Shigella, typhoid, Klebsiella Terrigena): >99.99%
  • Cysts (including Cryptosporidium, Giardia): >99.99%
  • Range of pesticides: >95%
  • Medicines: >99.5%
  • Lindane: >99%
  • Atrazine: 99.38%
  • Benzene: >99%
  • Chlorine: >99%
  • Microplastics: 99%
  • Nanoplastics: 99% from a size of 0.5 microns (500 nanometers)
  • Heavy metals
    • Lead reduction pH 6.5: average 99.5%
    • Lead reduction pH 8.5: average 99.5%
    • Range of metals pH 6.5: 81.5%
    • Range of metals pH 8.5: 81%

General Information about the British Berkefeld Gravity 6L;

  • Compatible filter elements;
    • Sterasyl
    • Super Sterasyl
    • ATC Super Sterasyl (One set included as standard)
    • Ultra Fluoride
  • It is recommended to replace the filters every six months or after 1500 liters. You may buy seperate filter elements in our filter elements section.
  • Maximum amount of filter elements; 2
  • Filters 1.7-2 liters of water per hour

Frequently asked questions

How often should I clean the filter and the stainless steel housing?2023-01-02T22:18:35+00:00

We recommend the following;

Housing; Once per month.


  1. Wash chambers once per month with soapy dishwater and/or warm water. Don’t use acid cleaning materials that might cause damage to the housing.
  2. Rinse both chambers thoroughly before using them again.

Filters; Whenever the color changes and/or filtration rate decreases.


How do I clean my ceramic filter?2023-01-02T21:50:26+00:00

We advise a gentle rub with a scouring pad until the original color of the ceramic filter returns. You may use luke warm water in combination with the rub. Heavy rubbing or over abrasive material may remove more of the ceramic material than is necessary. Rubber gloves are recommended to be used during cleaning and don’t use soap or detergents. Ensure that the end of the plastic mount does not come into contact with unfiltered water.

There is no need to sterilise the ceramic filter after cleaning. All Doulton and British Berkefeld filters feature technology that guards against bacteria eliminating the need for boiling either the filter or your drinking water even when used over an extended period.

My ceramic cartridge filters slower than normal…2023-01-02T21:50:53+00:00

Blocking of the filter cartridge can happen due to the turbidity and/or particles in the water. This indicates that the filter is working correctly as contaminants are trapped inside the filter.

However, if the filter rate is much slower then normal (E.G. 1,7 liters per hour) it might be worth cleaning the filters.

When should the ceramic filter cartridges be replaced?2023-01-02T21:50:56+00:00

The ATC Super Sterasyl filter element needs to be replaced after;

  • Filtering of 1500 liters of water per element;
  • 6 months

Whichever comes first.

See our filter section for individual filter elements.

British Berkefeld

  • 1 x British Berkefeld Gravity System (Consisting of the lid, upper and lower Chamber)
  • 2 (or 4) x ATC Super Sterasyl Filter Elements (plus installation parts)
  • Gravity Spigot
  • Assembly Instructions (English)

British Berkefeld

Removes Viruses


Suitable for

Countertop, Hiking/Camping, Portable

Filtration Media


Filtration Type


Pore Size (Micron)


Removes Chemicals


Removes Fluoride


Removes Heavy Metals


Removes Limescale


Removes Microplastics


Requires Electricity


Removes Chlorine


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