The Phoenix Carbon Cartridges are powerful enough to remove edible food coloring substances that are blended with your water. You may perform a test with the following;

  • Turmeric Powder
  • Red (articifial) food coloring

We have made experiments on our Phoenix Carbon Cartridges through a natural food coloring (edible) ingredient called Turmeric. You may add a teaspoon (per 4 liters) of Turmeric (or Artificial Red Food Coloring) in the upper container. When your water gets filtered the Carbon Cartridges should be able to remove all the coloring from your water. It is advisable, when performing this test, to place your upper chamber on two indivdual transparant cups. This ensures that you will be able to identify any faulty cartridges.

See the instructions via this document

What if notice coloring in your filtered water?

  1. Make sure the wingnuts are tightly fitted. However, these should only be hand tightened. If you suspect these are faulty, swap them out for new ones.
  2. Are you using red food coloring or another color or type of liquid? Red food coloring (artificial) is the only type suitable for this test.
  3. Is the washer for the filter nozzle inside the upper chamber and is the wing nut secured at the bottom? If not, please do so as this might cause failure of the filtering process.
  4. Make sure the silicone blocking plugs (if any) are correctly installed.
  5. Clean both filter cartridges and re-prime them. Empty all water out of both chambers and run the test again.
  6. If the above measures have not resulted in any positive result, please do contact us on and we will be happy to assist you.