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Remove Chlorine, Heavy Metals and other harmful elements by using Filtro Água’s water filters.

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Filtro Água’s new partnership with ZeroWater!

Filtro Água is the authorized reseller of ZeroWater products in Portugal.

ZeroWater removes 99,8% of all total dissolved solids in your drinking water!

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Filtro Água Water Filters

Not sure?….read our latest blog about Phoenix below

Comparing British Berkefeld, Berkey and Phoenix

Comparing British Berkefeld, Berkey and Phoenix

When you orientate yourself on buying a gravity based water filter you might find yourself confused what the differences are between them. In this article we dive into the details of three established brands. Namely; Phoenix, Berkey and British Berkefeld (made by Doulton). Continue reading our “Comparing British Berkefeld, Berkey and Phoenix” to find out…

Philips On-Tap AWP3753/10

Filters Bacteria, Chorine, Lead and Micro Plastics

€ 59,99

Brita On-Tap

Filters Bacteria, Chorine, Lead and Micro Plastics among other things

€ 59,99
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Explore Filtro Água’s new Doulton products

Doulton products are made in Britain and are renown for their ceramic water filtering capabilities

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British Berkefeld Gravity Water Filters

The famous British Berkefeld Gravity water filters are made in Britain. They are delivered with a pair of ceramic filter elements which incorporate an activated carbon core. Provide your family with better quality drinking water!

  • British Berkefeld Gravity 6L

     269,00 inc. IVA
  • British Berkefeld Gravity 8.5L

     298,99 369,00 inc. IVA
  • ATC Super Sterasyl Two-pack

     73,80 inc. IVA
  • British Berkefeld Gravity 12L

     349,00 419,00 inc. IVA

Filtro Água is an Official Reseller of Sawyer Products

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Sawyer Squeeze

The ideal light-weight water filter for your hiking trips

€ 69,99